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After just a few days with the Alfred App for Mac OS X, I became hooked. Alfred allows me to setup all kinds of custom searches and scripts etc.

Toggle Hidden Files is an Alfred Extension that allows you to show or hide hidden files on your Mac with just a few simple key strokes.


  • Hide or show “hidden” files (.htaccess for example) on your Mac using Alfred.
  • The extension automatically restarts the Finder quickly for you after a command is given to reflect the changes immediately.
  • Uses Notification Centre (or Growl if you have not yet upgraded to Mountain Lion) for success or error messages.
  • Fast. At the heart of this extension is a simple shell script that runs very simple and commands to do the heavy lifting.
  • For the paranoid, the source code is yours to inspect and alter via the Extension preferences panel.
  • No extra fluff or bloat. The only options are to Hide or Show hidden files. “Do one thing and do it right.”
  • Easily configure the keyword and notification preferences to your liking in the Alfred Preferences -> Extensions pane.

Download & Installation

You will need the Alfred Powerpack to use any Alfred extensions.

  1. First, download the Alfred “Toggle Hidden Files” extension. This will save the file to your Desktop or Downloads folder depending on your preferences.
  2. Next, install the extension via Alfred Preferences -> Extensions. Drag and drop the downloaded “Toggle Hidden Files.alfredextension” over the area in the screenshot below.
  3. You’re done! Really nice work, you installed that quickly. Checkout the usage instructions below.
Installing Alfred App Extension

Installing an Alfred Extenstion. Drop it in the green box :)

Using the extension

Once installed, showing or hiding hidden files is super simple.

  • Pull up Alfred.
  • Type
    hiddenFiles Show

    to show hidden files.

  • Type
    hiddenFiles Hide

    to hide hidden files.

    You must pass either “Show” or “Hide” when using this command. You can change the keyword (“hiddenFiles”) via the Preferences -> Extensions tab.




  • Added options “Show” and “Hide”.
  • Added initial files for public release.

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