Are You Sure? WordPress Plugin v1.2 in Development

You might remember a WordPress plugin I built and released on Dev-Tips, known as the “Are You Sure?” WP Plugin.

The plugin did one thing and did it well, which was to prevent accidental posting. If you’ve ever accidentally clicked the publish button in WordPress, the “Are You Sure?” plugin fixed that by prompting you to confirm publishing a new post.

The Bad News

This was released quite a few years ago, and in that time period much of the data on Dev-Tips (which is now closed) was lost.

The (very) Good News

The good news is I’ve found some of the old software, including the first few iterations of the “Are You Sure?” WordPress Plugin, in some old backups I had.

The code needs some updating to best take advantage of the newer versions of WordPress. I’m also cleaning a few things up and considering adding in some options for turning off and on prompting for depending on if the post is being published for the first time or simply updated.

The Bottom Line

TL;DR – I’m working on version 1.2 of the “Are You Sure?” WordPress plugin. It will be available soon and better than ever. It will be available on the WordPress plugin repository, and I will make a new post when it is released to the public.

Feature requests, thoughts, questions? Leave them in the comment section below and we’ll chat.

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4 thoughts on “Are You Sure? WordPress Plugin v1.2 in Development

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    • Howdy Ian, thanks for stopping by. :)

      No updates for you as of right now, though I hope to change that soon. If you’re in super need of this plugin ASAP, shoot me an email via my contact page and I can try to send you the old files.

      They *should* still work for but you’ll have to manually remove/update when the new version is released and put on (thus allowing you automatic updates from then on out).

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