Mac Gestures Not Working or Frozen? Alfred Extension “Mac OS X Gestures Freeze Fix” Released

Are you having issues with Mac OS X gestures not working or freezing up on you? You’re not alone. In late August I discussed how to manually fix frozen gestures on your Mac, and that method will still work for 99% of cases.

However, if you use the wonderful Alfred productivity app, you can make your life a much easier with a simple extension I’ve built to fix any frozen gestures you’re having in seconds.

Just follow the steps below to install and use the extension and you’ll be back to using all of your most beloved OS X gestures in no time.


  • Fixes frozen or unresponsive gestures on Mac OS X by restarting the dock. This is known as “killing the dock” and it’s harmless. None of your running applications will quit or be affected. The dock will disappear, restart, and then re-appear.
  • OS X Notification Centre support giving you a notification when the gestures have been fixed.
  • Fast, takes only seconds.


You will need the Alfred Powerpack to use any Alfred extensions.

  1. Download the Mac OS X Gestures Freeze Fix extension.
  2. Next, install the extension via Alfred Preferences -> Extensions. Drag and drop the downloaded “Mac OS X Gestures Freeze Fix.alfredextension” over the area in the screenshot shown below.
Installing Alfred App Extension

Installing an Alfred extension. Drop it in the green box.


  • To use, simply pull up Alfred and type “FrozenGestures” and hit enter. You’ll see something similar to the screenshot below before hitting enter.
Frozen Gestures Extension Screenshot

Gestures are fixed by calling “FrozenGestures” and hitting enter.

Gesture icon by

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