Mac Gestures Not Working or Frozen? Alfred Extension “Mac OS X Gestures Freeze Fix” Released


Are you having issues with Mac OS X gestures not working or freezing up on you? You’re not alone. In late August I discussed how to manually fix frozen gestures on your Mac, and that method will still work for 99% of cases.

However, if you use the wonderful Alfred productivity app, you can make your life a much easier with a simple extension I’ve built to fix any frozen gestures you’re having in seconds.

Just follow the steps below to install and use the extension and you’ll be back to using all of your most beloved OS X gestures in no time.

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Alfred Extension – Toggle Hidden Files

After just a few days with the Alfred App for Mac OS X, I became hooked. Alfred allows me to setup all kinds of custom searches and scripts etc.

Toggle Hidden Files is an Alfred Extension that allows you to show or hide hidden files on your Mac with just a few simple key strokes.

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